Mechanical seam (Standing Seam) is a profile that has been used for many years and is regarded as the premier metal roofing system. The Mechanical seam system provides the cleanest and most desirable look with NO exposed screws or connections. Mechanical seam can be installed on a minimum pitch and low sloping roofs providing a superior watertight seal. Each overlapping seam is folded over the adjacent panel with a hand seamer or small roller, locking the panels in place permanently. This install is more labor intense and requires more specialized tools and is usually done by professionals. Some homeowners with the right skill will take on their own install, therefore we will loan out the specialty tools needed with a deposit.

Mechanical Seam

Mechanical Specifications:

  • 24 and 26 gauge
  • Panel width 12” – 24”
  • Hidden fasteners
  • Resists snow, rain, or high winds
  • Maximum durability
  • Easy to walk and resistant
  • SMP or PVDF finish to high winds and hail, as well as copper and zinc

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